International Student and Scholar Services

Maintaining Status


An international student's ability to maintain status is key to remaining in the United States and completing a degree.

It is important to request status changes in a timely manner, complete required paperwork and follow instructions.

The Center for International Studies requires seven business days to process most applications and requests. 

Some common requests:

Program Extension

An extension of student status is available for international students who are unable to meet the program completion date on their I-20.

Authorized Early Withdrawal

An international student may seek an authorized withdrawal during their program for family or personal reasons in which they need to stop their studies and leave the U.S.

School Transfer

An international student’s SEVIS record can be transferred from one SEVP-certified school to another SEVP-certified school.

I-20 Request for Dependent/F-2 Visas

Students who want to bring their dependents to join them in the United States must file an I-20 request for an F-1 student's dependent. The U.S. issues an I-20 for the dependent to request an F-2 visa.

Change to F-1 Status

A change of status application is filed by a student.

Reinstatement of F-1 Status

A reinstatement application requires complex analysis, and may significantly impact the student's immigration status and eligibility for future immigration benefits.