International Student and Scholar Services

Reinstatement of F-1 Status

A student who has failed to maintain F-1 status may apply to USCIS to be reinstated to lawful F-1 status. Reinstatement is granted in limited conditions as specified in Department of Homeland Security regulations, and in the discretion of USCIS.

Certain nonimmigrants are not permitted to apply for reinstatement of their F-1 status while in the United States.  Such nonimmigrants may still be eligible for F-1 status, but the only way they can get F-1 status is through obtaining an F-1 visa and re-entering the United States.

A reinstatement application requires complex analysis, and may significantly impact the student's immigration status and eligibility for future immigration benefits.

Students needing advice and help planning and adopting strategy related to their reinstatement and application to USCIS must make an appointment to meet with an advisor in CIS.

In certain circumstances, the Center for International Studies may recommend a student consults with an immigration attorney.


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