International Student and Scholar Services

STEM Extension Reporting Requirements

While the Center for International Studies will continue to maintain and update your SEVIS record, it is your responsibility to report the required information related to your OPT.


Please note: A new I-20 is not automatically issued upon STEM OPT approval. If you would like a new, updated I-20 or require a new travel signature for re-entry, please do the following:

Complete a STEM OPT Reporting Form.

  • Select "STEM OPT Extension"
  • Select "Option 1: I-20 Reprint for OPT/STEM OPT Status Updates"
  • Complete any other required information on the form
    • Updated I-20s will be sent by e-mail. In April 2020, the Student & Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) updated its guidance, allowing I-20s to be emailed. Please print the updated I-20 and sign it in blue ink on page 1 for official use.
    • Please allow 5-7 business days to process your request


When do you need to submit a STEM Extension update?

STEM OPT Reporting Requirements (pdf)

How do I report my STEM Extension updates?

There are some updates that you will need to submit through the SEVP Portal:

  • Physical home address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Limited employment details for current employer

Other changes to employment must be submitted as a request to a DSO. Follow the instructions below for "Changes in Employment".

During STEM OPT there are required reports that must be submitted to a DSO every 6 months. This cannot be done via the SEVP portal. Please read about each reporting period below.

How do I set-up my SEVP Portal account?

You will not need to set-up a new SEVP Portal account if you maintain the same SEVIS ID that you did for your OPT.

How often do I need to log into my SEVP Portal account?

You must continue to maintain an active SEVP Portal account—which involves logging in to the portal every 90 days and updating your password.

If you get locked out of your SEVP Portal account you must do the following:

The SEVP portal will lock your account after three failed attempts to log in to the SEVP Portal. Please use the "Reset Password" option on the login screen before contacting a DSO to unlock. If you still need assistance after you attempt to reset your password, please do the following:

Complete a STEM OPT Reporting Form.

  • Select "STEM OPT Extension"
  • Select "Option 2: SEVP Portal Help (Create/Unlock)"
  • Select "I have locked my SEVP Portal account. I am unable to reset my password."
  • Complete any other required information on the form

For further assistance:

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