International Student and Scholar Services

Short-Term Visitors

St. Cloud State University encourages its faculty, staff, and students to exchange information and ideas and promote relationships with institutions worldwide.

As part of that commitment, the Center for International Studies works to ensure seamless access to the university's resources and support services for short-term international visit requests.

International guests who want to visit St. Cloud State University and any person or group that wants to invite an international visitor(s) to campus should make the request in writing to Kristy Nelson-Ramos at the Center for International Studies.

These procedures will guide you through the steps for visitors. We recommend you submit your request, at a minimum, three weeks prior to your visit.

Arranging your visit

Step 1: Invitation letter

International visitors need a valid visa that is related to the purpose of their visit to enter the United States.

The Center for International Studies will help determine the most appropriate type of visa.

To obtain a U.S. visa, a visa interview appointment must be scheduled.

We recommend you acquire two invitation letters. That will aid in scheduling the interview that is required to obtain a U.S. visa.

Step 2: Funding

Certain payments and services provided to international guests and visitors may result in U.S. tax consequences for the beneficiary.

As a result, data on such payments and services must be provided to the MnSCU Finance Division, Tax Services for a determination of tax withholding before an offer is made to international guests.

The Center for International Studies helps with this process, which is required by MnSCU Procedures and Guidelines and the Internal Revenue Service.

Submit an International Visitor worksheet to Kristy Nelson-Ramos.

Step 3: Volunteer Faculty Agreement and Release

The Volunteer Faculty Agreement and Release is required if the short-term international visitor will NOT be paid by St. Cloud State University but will be in an instructional, research or academic role.

The form gives the short-term international visitor access to required campus resources.

The university will provide answers about its policy.

Next step

The Center for International Studies and MnSCU Finance Division, Tax Services will determine any tax eligibility.

Documents that may be requested include:

The Center for International Studies will welcome the international guests and visitor to campus with a brief orientation program that verifies legal entrance into the United States pursuant to visa classification.

Preparing for your trip to St. Cloud State University

We are very excited about your visit to our campus. Consider these before your arrival:


Travel recommendations

  • Confirm your airline reservations 72 hours before departure.
  • Practice packing. Check your airline's luggage restrictions.
  • Purchase a collapsible luggage cart.
  • Place personal items (1-20 or Ds-2109, Passport with visa, airline tickets, a change of clothing, a book or magazine, snacks, toothbrush/toothpaste, snacks, any medications) in a carry-on bag. Please make sure your immigration documents are with you in a carry on bag and NOT in a checked bag.
  • Label your luggage with:

Your Full Name (as it appears on your passport)
Center for International Studies
720 Fourth Ave. S
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Shuttle to St. Cloud

Executive Express Shuttle

  • 320-253-2226 or 888-522-9899 (toll free)
  • Executive Express Shuttle is a privately owned van shuttle service. We recommend you make a reservation to ensure a spot on the shuttle.
  • With a reservation, Executive Express will pick up at either terminal at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.
  • Follow signs to Ground Transportation and look for Executive Express signs.
  • Currently, the cost is about $41 for the approximately 90-minute trip to St. Cloud.

International health insurance

Health care in the United States can be expensive should you need to receive medical treatment.

St. Cloud State University recommends that you purchase international health insurance for your time here in the United States prior to entering the country.

If you purchase international health insurance, the Center for International Studies will collect a copy of the proof of insurance during your welcome meeting.

If you choose not to purchase international health insurance, you will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility.


Short-term international visitors are responsible for setting up their own housing accommodations during their stay at St. Cloud State University unless their sponsoring department has made other arrangements.

Hotels near St. Cloud State University are: