International Student and Scholar Services

Program Extension

An extension of student status is available for international students who are unable to meet the program completion date on their I-20. 

Failure to apply before completion date will result in the loss of on-campus work, eligibility for the Academic & Cultural Sharing Scholarship and other benefits.

Allow seven business days to process extension requests.


  • Academic
    • Change of major.
    • Change in research topic.
    • Unexpected research problems.
    • Inadequate time granted on initial I-20.
  • Medical
    • Documented illness


  • The student has valid F-1 student status.
  • The student has continually maintained status.
  • The student has submitted the request before the program completion date on their I-20. 
  • The student has a valid passport.
  • The student has not been on academic probation or suspension at St. Cloud State.
  • The student’s program has not passed the completion date.
  • The student has not applied for a program extension to extend curricular practical training.


Complete the request packet:

  • Program extension for F-1 (PDF) students or Program extension for F-1 Intensive English Center (PDF) students
  • Documentation that proves sufficientfunds to cover remaining credits. Documents must:
    • Be originals, photocopies, scanned copies or faxed documents printed on bank letterhead and certified with the bank’s stamp or seal; we reserve the right to verify authenticity.
    • Be dated within six months of today’s date.
    • Include a letter in English from a sponsor indicating their willingness to provide financial support if support is being provided by anyone other than the student.
    • Be written in English; if English is not the language in which the bank documents are issued, the bank documents must be accompanied by a certified, literal English translation.
  • Program completion form. Supporting evidence for request:
    • Academic
      • A written statement from the student's academic advisor describing the circumstances.
      • A Major Program Plan from their advisor detailing the remaining course enrollment plan.
    • Medical
      • A written statement from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or clinical psychologist that describes the circumstances.

For review, drop off or mail the packet to:

Center for International Studies
Lawrence Hall 101
720 Fourth Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN 56301

An adviser will respond by email. 


Students who are ineligible for an extension may:

  • Apply for reinstatement of student status
  • Exit the U.S. and apply for admission with a new SEVIS ID and I-20 issued for initial attendance