International Student and Scholar Services

Authorized Early Withdrawal

An international student may seek an authorized withdrawal during their program for family or personal reasons in which they need to stop their studies and leave the U.S.

Approval for the leave of absence results in the termination of the international student’s SEVIS record.


  • Temporary absence, returning within 5 months of their SEVIS termination date.
  • Absence/withdrawal of more than 5 months. Student will not return or will return more than 5 months after termination.


  • The student has valid F-1 student status.
  • The student will leave the U.S. during the authorized early withdrawal.
  • Students who do not plan to leave the U.S. are not eligible.


  • Complete the request packet:
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor at the Center for International Studies to drop off the packet and review eligibility.
  • An advisor will review the packet and email the student that the packet has been processed, needs more documentation or has been denied.
  • Pick up the packet at the Center for International Studies.

Key points

  • Students must allow the Center for International Studies 7 full business days after submitting a complete application to process the request.
  • International students must depart the U.S. within 15 calendar days from their SEVIS termination.
  • Students have 5 months from the date their SEVIS record is terminated or the next session start date, whichever is earlier, to return to the U.S. to resume studies on their current SEVIS record.
  • Students must provide the Center for International Studies with a current personal email address as your HuskyNet email account may be deactivated.
  • Any on-campus employment ends the day SEVIS termination occurs.
  • Any CPT authorization ends the day that SEVIS termination occurs.
  • All dependents in F-2 status will be terminated when the F-1 SEVIS record is terminated and must leave the U.S. with the F-1 student visa holder.
  • Students must meet with the Business Services Office and pay any remaining balances before their departure.
  • Students employed as graduate assistants are responsible for discussing the impact of their withdrawal with their supervisor.
  • Students are responsible for filing a Health Insurance Refund if they would like a refund. Students are not required to maintain St. Cloud State University health insurance if they are out of the country while their SEVIS record is inactive. However, if they do not maintain insurance and a break in coverage occurs, they must wait one year or longer to receive benefits for any pre-existing condition.

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