International Student and Scholar Services

Change to F-1 Status

With certain exceptions, a nonimmigrant already in the United States who is maintaining their status in a nonimmigrant category other than F-1 may be eligible to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a change to F-1 status.

Certain nonimmigrants are not permitted to apply for change of status while in the United States.  Such nonimmigrants may still be eligible for F-1 status, but the only way they can get F-1 status is through obtaining an F-1 visa and re-entering the United States.

A change of status application is filed by a student — not St. Cloud State, requires complex analysis, and may significantly impact the student's immigration status and eligibility for future immigration benefits.

Therefore, students needing advice and help planning and adopting strategy related to their change of status and application to USCIS must consult with a qualified immigration attorney.

Once a student has been able to provide evidence that an informed decision has been made regarding the students’ change of status in consultation with an experienced immigration attorney, St. Cloud State University will issue an I-20 accordingly.

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