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Developing the Nation's Educators

Education is the foundation of progress. Teachers do more than just impart knowledge—they provide equitable outcomes, adapt to the ever-changing field of education, and drive the nation’s youth toward successful futures. 

The College of Education and Learning Design at St. Cloud State University proudly prepares future teachers, administrators, and other education personnel at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through a variety of departments, centers, and support offices, students have the opportunities and freedom to pursue their dream careers in professional education. 

Areas of Excellence

St. Cloud State faculty members are active and engaged in the education community, locally, statewide, and nationally. They sit on school boards, are members of advisory boards, and participate in statewide and national research associations. 

Our faculty constantly refresh program offerings with the most current information and innovative teaching techniques. Through thoughtful curriculum design, our faculty are raising the standards of education and inclusivity. The College of Education and Learning Design is proud to provide the following degree programs.

Child and Family Studies (CFS)

The Department of Child and Family Studies prepares students to work professionally with young children, their parents, and their families in a variety of public and private settings, including counseling, social services, and teaching.


Child and Family Studies Programs

Human Relations and Multicultural Education (HURL)

Our Human Relations and Multicultural Education students are committed to addressing questions of global equity, autonomy, resource allocation, and various forms of oppression. Our department provides students with the skills to identify and actively combat biases, both personal and in the field of education.  

Human Relations and Multicultural Education

Human Relations and Multicultural Education Programs

Special Education (SPED)

The Special Education Department equips future teachers to provide inclusive classroom environments for learners of every ability. Whether it’s a change in the space, curriculum, or teacher-student interaction, our educators are skilled in addressing the needs of students with cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities.   


Special Education Programs

Teacher Development (ED/TDEV)

For students looking to use their interests to make an impact on young learners, the Teacher Development Department provides the knowledge and flexibility to teach a variety of subjects in Elementary and Secondary Education.    


Teacher Development Programs

Educational Leadership and Higher Education (EDAD/HIED)

For new students or professionals pursuing career advancement, the Educational Leadership and Higher Education Department teaches future administrators the negotiation tactics, liaison expertise, and departmental planning skills they need to be effective school leaders.    

Educational Leadership and Higher Education

Educational Leadership and Higher Education Programs

One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai