Improving Educational Institutions Through Leadership 

St. Cloud State’s Educational Leadership and Higher Education Department prepares principals, superintendents, vice presidents, directors, presidents, and other higher education provosts to confidently serve at the school, district, and university levels. Armed with creativity and critical thinking, our students learn to design new solutions, act with personal integrity, prioritize civic responsibility, and engage with others as a member of a diverse, multicultural world. Graduates possess a breadth of knowledge and experiences to lead K-12 schools, school districts, college, or universities. 

Educational Administration and Leadership: Our Mission 

The Educational Administration and Leadership program prepares leaders with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to lead educational organizations efficiently and effectively in today’s complex and evolving social, political, and economic environment. In part, this is accomplished through formal instruction, professional reflections and discourse, and field experience, as well as through collaboration with peers, professional organizations, and successful practicing school leaders. 

Higher Education & Student Affairs: Our Mission  

The Higher Education & Student Affairs program prepares higher education professionals for entry-level and advanced leadership positions in a diverse array of post-secondary institutions. Our program is driven by a commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership development. Our faculty and, in turn, our graduates understand the role they play in a global society for creating and distributing knowledge. 

Leading Minnesota's Educational Future

Within the state, St. Cloud State has the only program that specifically teaches higher education administration. Leadership is an important focus within the College of Education and Learning Design, and we work to meet the ever-changing needs of Minnesota's educational landscape.

Flexible Learning for Dedicated Individuals 

Some Educational Leadership and Higher Education students come from a traditional college experience, while others seek to advance their already-established careers. To meet our students’ diverse needs, our department’s programs are geared toward working professionals, with flexible options for class hours and delivery methods. Regardless of their education or career history, our students are unified by a devotion to equitable education, a mind for creative problem-solving skills, and a strategic approach to educational leadership and administration. 

Your Education as a ELHE Student  

Educational Leadership and Higher Education students gain an in-depth understanding of student life and development, academic affairs, and administrative divisions. Graduates know how to communicate effectively and are not afraid to challenge or change educational policies.  

Our department’s programs are continually updated to address emerging challenges for educators, including trauma and crisis leadership. Through coursework and hands-on experience, students apply their knowledge to real-world problems and build a professional network to support them in their future roles.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Our programs focus on examining leadership, administration, and Minnesota state licensure requirements through a DEI lens. By focusing on cultural competencies for teachers and administrators, we aim to help eliminate disparities in education and to ensure equitable access to services and resources for all marginalized groups. 

Online Learning  

St. Cloud State is proud to offer flexible programs for working professionals, including weekend and online learning. Our online courses are thoroughly vetted and closely guided by expert faculty members to ensure online students receive the same attention, care, and interaction opportunities as our in-person students.   


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