Educational Leadership and Higher Education

EDAD Mission

Educational Administration and Leadership Program Mission


Lifelong learning in an
Environment that allows
Academic pursuit in the
Development of future school leaders, focused on
High-level thinking, and
Integrity, while instilling a
Passion in all of our students for “becoming the best.”


The mission of the Educational Administration and Leadership program is to prepare educational leaders with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to lead educational organizations efficiently and effectively in today’s complex and evolving social, political, and economic environment. In part, this is accomplished through formal instruction, professional reflections and discourse, field experiences, and through collaboration with peers, professional organizations, and successful practicing school leaders.

Core Values

  • We value meaningful relationship building across and among stakeholders/constituents, through collaboration, inter-disciplinary work, and authentic engagement.  
  • We value continuous improvement that models contemporary, innovative, inclusive, and student-centered practices. 
  • We value preparing educational leaders who take responsibility for understanding, challenging, and changing educational policy. 
  • We value and model reflection and self-awareness to prepare resilient and socially/emotionally adept professionals. 
  • We value diverse educational experiences through local, regional, and global opportunities.  
  • We value the advancement of knowledge through educational research and ongoing professional learning that reflects social justice in our ever-changing society.  
  • We value equity, social justice, diversity, and anti-racism that is reflected in policies and practices and is scaffolded throughout each EDAD program degree and licensure track.

Statement on Social Justice

Faculty from the educational administration and leadership program believe that social justice is both a process and a goal. The goal of our faculty is to promote the full and equal participation of all groups in a school organization with participation being mutually shaped to meet their needs. Social justice includes a vision of schools in which the distribution of resources is equitable, and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure. We envision school organizations in which individuals are able to develop their full capacities and demonstrate interdependence. Social justice involves school leaders and faculty who have a sense of "the family of things” (climate/cultural status of their organizational environment) as well as a sense of social responsibility towards, and with, others and the society as a whole.

DEI Statement

The Educational Administration and Leadership program focuses on examining leadership, administration, and Minnesota state licensure competencies utilizing a DEI lens, by focusing on cultural competencies for teachers and administrators to help eliminate disparities in education and to ensure equitable access to services and resources for all marginalized groups.

College of Education and Learning Design

The College of Education and Learning Design is a leader in the revitalization of education in Minnesota and the nation as we address critical issues confronting society and education. We prepare creative, collaborative, professional educators and leaders who will be advocates for all students and families in an interdependent and diverse world.

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