Educational Leadership and Higher Education


Educational Administration & Leadership

Dr. Lowell Haagenson

Dr. Lowell Haagenson

Middle School Dean of Students Department District / Special Education (SPED) Director
Stride Academy

"I chose SCSU for my doctoral work because I have been able to directly apply my prior knowledge gained at SCSU directly to my profession. My personal and professional growth has been profound. My application of newly acquired knowledge will directly relate to my continued personal and professional growth. The beneficiaries of said growth will be my school district; students, parents, staff, faculty, community and school board."

Eric G. Olson

Pinewood Elementary K-12 Principal

"The Educational Administration program prepared me for both the challenges and the celebrations of being a K-12 Principal. The best road to making good leadership decisions and succeeding in a new position always starts with preparation. The program prepared me to be a successful administrator with a combination of professors who were strong in practice and professors who made you think using a global theoretical approach. These people linked learning from course to course and everything I learned was applicable to what I have used during my tenure as a principal. I speak highly of the program because I appreciate that the rigor used during my administration preparation has matched the demands that I have faced while on the job. I continue to learn every day, but I am thankful for beginning my new profession with a strong foundation."

Dr. Julie Swaggert

Dr. Julie Swaggert

Minnesota State University Moorhead

"All of the educational leadership programs at SCSU, masters, licensure and doctoral programs, allow for collaboration and a sense of collegiality in a challenging and relevant course environment. Professors are approachable, knowledgeable and work with you to create outstanding practitioner learning experiences. The resources at SCSU for research are first class and readily available to students. Take advantage of these well respected programs and start building your administrative network. You will not be disappointed!"

Higher Education Administration

Dr. Kristina Keller

Dr. Kristina Keller

Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost
Normandale Community College

“Among the things I appreciate about the program are the ability to tie assignments directly to my work with Normandale and Minnesota State, the expertise of instructors and the variety of student experiences that enhance the classroom discussions, the timely response of feedback on assignments, the cohort model, and the annual scheduling plan.”

Alfredo Oliveira

Alfredo Oliveira

"The Higher Education Master’s program has the most knowledgeable faculty in the field. The classes are challenging and professors give us real-life examples and challenges to solve. Also, over the past two years, several faculty members invited deans, college presidents, vice presidents, and other administrators to share their experience with us. They gave us tips on what we need to know as we start our journey as full-time professionals in higher education. The course schedule works great for me because I get to work as a graduate assistant in the Department of Residential Life and still be involved with other on- and off-campus activities. I have made several connections with other administrators and staff members at the University. This is a great program for anyone interested in higher education administration, leadership, and critical issues."

Recent Graduate Award Recipients

Gaynard Brown

Retired Director at Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative

2019 Recipient of the MASE Legacy Award

Dr. Reggie Engebritson

Director of Special Education for 11 districts, Northland Special Education Cooperative, Virginia, MN

2011 New Leader of Excellence Award from the Minnesota Administrators of Special Education

Amy Ernst (f/k/a Green)

Director of Special Education, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

2019 Recipient of the MASE New Special Education Leader Award

Tim Finn

Special Education Director in St. Francis

2017 New Special Education Leader Award by Minnesota Administrators of Special Education.

Valerie Knopp

2015 Inaugural Student Employment Administrator of the Year award by the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators

Abby Lyon

Benton Stearns Ed District

2018 Stenswick Benson Scholarship Recipient

Dianne McCarron

Director of Special Education serving 15 districts in the SW/WC Service Cooperative

2014 New Leader of Excellence Award from the Minnesota Administrators of Special Education

Michelle Mortensen

Superintendent, Renville County West Schools

2019 Richard Green Scholar Award - Minnesota Association of School Administrators

Karen Orcutt

Superintendent of Schools for the Orono Public Schools

2017 MASA Polaris Leadership Award

Ray Przekurat

Director/Superintendent of the Wright Technical Center and Vice Chair of the Wright County Economic Development Partnership

2015 Member Investor of the Year from the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Martha Smithson


2018 Stenswick Benson Scholarship Recipient

Tammy Stahl

Director of Special Education for 18 districts in the SW/WC Service Cooperative

2012 New Leader of Excellence Award from the Minnesota Administrators of Special Education

Dr. Curt Tryggestad

Superintendent of Eden Prairie Schools

2017 Minnesota Superintendent of the Year by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators
2015 Richard Green Scholars Program Award from the Minnesota Association of School Administrators