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  • Robin Renucci

    "The online asynchronous format enables me to participate from Ireland"

    Robin Renucci

Robin Renucci

ProgramRobin Renucci

Higher Education Administration Doctoral Program


Licensed Professional Counselor

Why did you Choose St. Cloud State’s Higher Education Administration Program?

It has always been a dream of mine to earn my doctorate. I completed my master’s degree 10 years ago, and for the bulk of that time, this dream was in the “someday” category due to some facet of life circumstances.  

A year ago, my now-husband was offered a three-year expat contract in Dublin, Ireland, and we decided that this chance to live abroad for a few years was too good to pass up. Making such a big geographical change served as a catalyst for me to re-prioritize my goals. I decided that this was the time to push myself, and I wanted to ensure that my time in Ireland was spent in a way that furthers my career aspirations and opens new opportunities for the future. I decided this is the time to stop making excuses, and I resolved to make my dream of doctoral study a reality.  

Searching for a program that would afford me the flexibility to spend part of my program abroad and part in the United States seemed like a complex task. However, I was elated to discover that the SCSU Higher Ed program was a perfect fit! The asynchronous format enables me to participate from any location with Wi-Fi, and it gives me peace of mind to know that my progress in the program can continue uninterrupted no matter where I live. The professors are compassionate, while also challenging each student to build confidence and stimulate personal and professional growth. The cohort model fosters support, encouragement, and camaraderie, and I know that I am never alone in my endeavors. Additionally, my cohort members come from a multitude of varied professional and educational backgrounds, so I feel like my experience is greatly enhanced by the perspectives and talents that each one brings to our program.

What Advice Do You Have For Others?

Take a careful look at your daily schedule and obligations prior to the semester starting, and try to figure out when you can schedule set time for reading right off the bat. Time management is critical in this program, and everything is very much doable with proactivity and forethought.