The Academy for Co-Teaching & Collaboration

Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration

St. Cloud State has created, implemented and researched a new approach to student teaching utilizing a co-teaching model. This innovative work was originally undertaken through a U.S. Department of Education Teacher Quality Enhancement Partnership Grant for $5 million awarded in 2003.

What is Co-Teaching?

Co-Teaching is defined as two teachers working together with groups of students and sharing the planning, organization, delivery and assessment of instruction and physical space.

Why Co-Teaching?

Co-Teaching maximizes strengths between two colleagues, creating an environment that not only meets student needs, but energizes the learning experience. Co-Teaching is a powerful way to introduce new teachers to the profession through student-teaching internships that model strong practice, mentorship strategies, and professional reflection that is essential to classroom success. Co-Teachers who collaborate within the classroom environment to support language learners, special education students, and content integration not only boost achievement, but have happier and more meaningful relationships with colleagues.  

Introduction to Co-Teaching

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