The Academy for Co-Teaching & Collaboration

Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration

What is Co-Teaching?

In a co-teaching model, two teachers work together in a classroom, sharing the planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction. During the 70s, general teachers and special educators used co-teaching to work side-by-side, allowing students with disabilities to remain in their classrooms. Since, applications of co-teaching have expanded to include multilingual educators, intervention specialists, and student teachers. 

A Tool for the Betterment of Future Educators

Co-teaching is a powerful way to introduce student teachers to the profession through experiences that model strong practice, mentorship strategies, and professional reflection, all key parts of classroom success.   

Co-teachers who collaborate to support language learners, special education students, and content integration boost achievement and form deep, meaningful relationships with both colleagues and students. Co-taught classrooms maximize the strengths of each teacher, creating an environment that not only meets student needs but energizes the learning experience. 

The History of Co-Teaching at St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State pioneered, researched, and implemented a new approach to student teaching/residency that utilizes an innovative co-teaching model. The four-year study, “Changing the Face of Student Teaching Though Co-Teaching,” was originally undertaken through a U.S. Department of Education Teacher Quality Enhancement Partnership Grant for $5 million awarded in 2003.   

Researchers Nancy L. Bacharach, Teresa W. Heck, and Kathryn Dahlberg examined the differences between a co-teaching model and a traditional, non-co-teaching model of student teaching/residency. The study’s results confirmed the co-teaching model's benefits, with K–6 students who were co-taught in reading and math outperforming students taught with the traditional model.   

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The Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration provides professional development, training, and support services to St. Cloud State teacher candidates/residents. The Academy also provides these services on a consulting basis to colleges, universities, and district schools looking to enhance their student teaching/residency, special education, or general education programs. 

Dr. Teresa Washut Heck

Dr. Teresa Washut Heck

  • Director, Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration
  • TWH Consulting

Although recently retiring from her teaching responsibilities, Teresa continues to serve as the Director of the Academy for Co-Teaching and Collaboration at SCSU. A Professor Emeritus, she continues to provide professional development and training in Co-Teaching; and continues her leadership roles with the National Association for Co-Teaching as founding president, and directs the National Conference on Co-Teaching.