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Co-Teaching Myths/Realities

Myth #1 - Co-teaching means having two teacher candidates in a classroom.

Myth #2 - Teacher candidates must be left on their own to sink or swim.

Myth #3 - Co-teaching inhibits a teacher candidate's ability to develop classroom management skills.

Myth # 4 - Teacher candidates don't get enough solo teaching time with co-teaching.

Myth # 5 - It takes too much time to co-plan.

Myth#6 - Teacher Candidates will never have full responsibility of the classroom.

Myth #7 - Co-teaching is not the "real world." When a teacher candidate becomes certified they will be alone in the classroom.

Myth #8 - Co-Teaching doesn't work at the secondary level.

Myth #9 - Teacher candidates don have to write lesson plans for co-teaching because they co-plan.

Myth #10 - Co-teaching can only work if the teacher candidate and cooperating teacher have the same learning or teaching style.

Myth # 11 - The university supervisor should only observe a teacher candidate when they are teaching solo.

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