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Office of Clinical Experiences

Our Mission, Your Experience

The Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) prepares education students for their future careers by securing high-quality student teaching and field experience placements. From orientation to completion, our mission is to provide support as students navigate their first experience putting coursework into action. With strong connections to over 100 Minnesota schools, our students get the hands-on experience they need to meet licensure standards and step confidently into their roles as educators. 

Memorandums of Agreement with schools across the state of Minnesota.


Teacher candidates who find clinical experiences through the OCE per semester.


Field experiences and student teaching placements made by the OCE each semester.

Licensure Areas at St. Cloud State University

The Office of Clinical Experiences coordinates field experience opportunities that meet the needs of our school partners, as well as the requirements of your licensure. At all degree levels, our office provides support for the following areas of focus. 

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Coordinate Your Experience with InPlace

Notebook Apply
  • View placements
  • Submit resumes and personal statements
  • Apply for field experience
  • Receive placement and accommodation information
  • Track eligibility for specific placements
Student presenting Engage
  • View current and past placements
  • Access assessment results and feedback
  • View school and Cooperating Teacher information
  • Communicate with OCE staff
Graduate Graduate
  • Record clinical experience hours
  • Track test requirements
  • Monitor demonstration of scope
  • Track requirements for MN licensure

Navigating your field experience and licensure requirements can be complicated. Our online portal, InPlace, helps education students coordinate and manage their field experience, creating a seamless transition from student to teacher candidate. 

Additional Resources

Student Teaching and Field Experience

Information and resources for student teachers and those completing field experience.  

Teacher Licensure

Learn more about becoming a licensed teacher in Minnesota and surrounding states. 


Resources to help with everything from getting your first job to developing effective instructional strategies. 

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