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Teaching in the Classroom

Student Teaching

The following information is available for student teaching candidates, cooperating teachers and university supervisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply for student teaching?

Attend Student Teaching Round Up meetings 2 semesters prior to your student teaching. Applications due in early November for Fall and late March for Spring.

Do I have to be admitted to the major before I apply to student teach?

No, but you must be admitted before you will be eligible to student teach.

What additional costs will I have as part of my teacher preparation program?

Accommodations for Student Teaching


Teacher Candidates (TC)

  • Inform Student Accessibility Services: going into the field for field experience/student teaching
  • Inform OCE if accommodations are needed due to a disability
  • Make sure personal support system is in place for Field/ST if accommodations are needed
  • When start in placement, discuss accommodation needs with cooperating teacher and others as appropriate


  • Advisors and course instructors: Refer students to Student Accessibility Services for consultation
  • Be upfront about competency expectations in the field
  • Discuss with students how they will accomplish these competencies

Student Accessibility Services

  • Ask students to inform OCE about accommodations needed
  • Assist in self advocacy/disclosure
  • Create form for students: Define field component and state what accommodations needed;
    Send above information to:
    • Course Instructor/university supervisor
    • OCE
  • Current form sent to Instructor/university supervisor:  Add to "additional information" section: 'Accommodations needed in field…, etc.'

Office of Clinical Experience (OCE)

  • Inform Student Accessibility Services that student is requesting accommodations
  • Inform school site of requested accommodations (after receiving written permission from TC)
  • Inform University Supervisor as the faculty of record
  • Keep Student Accessibility Services up to date on all field and ST course #

Download: Accommodations for Field Experience and Student Teaching (pdf)

What are the requirements for CPR/First Aid Certification? Where can I get CPR/First Aid?

The requirements for CPR/First Aid can be found in the student teaching application. All CFS majors and Health and PE majors must be certified in CPR and First Aid in order to student teach. You can find CPR/First aid classes at Campus Recreation, Red Cross, Community Ed, or a hospital. HPE students also need WSI - Water Safety Instruction.

How Do I Obtain Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance (provide proof of insurance to OCE)

  1. Apply online
    (“Student Members” “Join or renew your membership today” “Apply online”).
    Forward the confirmation page via email to OCE or OCE needs a copy of your application to Education Minnesota and check made out to them.

  2. Provide copy of homeowner’s policy with professional liability coverage highlighted. 

Can I get copies of the documents that are in my OCE folder?

You should have received copies of all observations and evaluations – each copy will cost you $.25.

When will I find out my placement?

You will find out your placement at the mandatory placement meeting during the last week of the semester.

When do I apply for teaching licensure?

Additional information about the Teacher License Application process can be found at the St. Cloud State University Registrar's office, Teacher License application process.