Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE)

SCSU Common Market Student Teaching Guidelines

Limited student teaching opportunities may be available at another Minnesota State University - Bemidji or Winona (only). Students with extenuating professional/ personal reasons may request placement with another state university. A student making such a request would be placed in a school system which cooperates with the host university, if the student teaching dates will allow and if there is space available.

  1. You will need to be flexible to follow the host university's calendar, procedures, policies and credit requirements related to the placement and student teaching. The host university will notify our office if your placement cannot be made and we will contact you.
  2. Complete and submit the Common Market Application Form (pdf) to the Office of Clinical Experiences (EB B120), electronically.
  3. Complete the Minnesota State Consortium Agreement. Obtain course number and title from the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences at SCSU. Obtain required signatures. Turn this in to SCSU Records and Registration office, AS 118.
  4. Register for the course at the host Minnesota State institution by completing the Common Market Passport. You will not register for student teaching at St. Cloud State. Complete the Common Market Passport and turn into SCSU Records and Registration office, AS 118. The registrar's office will use this as registration. The host university will send you a tuition statement; payment will be made to the host university. If you are receiving financial aid, The Common Market Passport assists with this process.
  5. The host university will email the placement information to you at least a month before the beginning of your student teaching experience. It is very important that you contact your teacher by phone within a few days after you receive the placement. You need to schedule a time to meet the cooperating prior to the beginning of the student teaching experience.
  6. A supervisor will be assigned to you by the host university. It is very important to keep our office and the host university placement office updated with address or phone number changes.
  7. You will need to follow the credit policy/number of weeks of student teaching available at the host university. Credits must equal or exceed the number of credits required at SCSU. Credits earned at the host university will appear on your St. Cloud State transcript.
  8. It is your responsibility to obtain licensure information Review this on the SCSU website, Records and Registration page.
  9. The final evaluation of student teaching will be returned to our Clinical Experiences Office.

Updated 2/16