Teaching-first professors

Our professors are recognized for their contributions to their respective fields. But their top priority is students. Our faculty are, first and foremost, teachers dedicated to helping you learn and grow.

Throughout your time at St. Cloud State, your professors will support, guide, mentor and challenge you, both in the classroom and through hands-on experiences designed to teach you how to apply the knowledge they share. By making you their first and only priority, our faculty gives you the tools to create an Education for Life.

Here are some of the exciting things our faculty members have been up to:

Music professor co-creates six-handed player piano piece

Music assistant professor Shannon Sadler received an invite to create and perform a six-handed piano version of George Antheil’s “Serpent Mechanique” at the Antheil Festival at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

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CSD faculty member selected as Fulbright Specialist

Communication Sciences and Disorders Associate Professor Theresa Estrem has been selected for a Fulbright Specialist Grant to conduct a joint autism research project with faculty and students at the Universidad de Concepción.

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Art professor attends Sundance Institute

Art professor Rosemary Williams was one of 18 creators of short-form digital series to participate in the inaugural Sundance Institute YouTube New Voices Lab Nov. 10-12 at YouTube Space in Los Angeles.

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Professor's book examines Chinese women in the workforce

Jiping Zuo’s new book assesses market-reform impacts on women in China. 

The professor of sociology uncovers the revival of traditional gendered family roles among urban women and men as one of their strategies to resist market brutality, as one of their struggles to balance work and family.

Published in October by Palgrave Macmillan, “Work and Family in Urban China: Women’s Changing Experience since Mao” examines a three-way interaction among market, state, and family in the wake of China’s recent market reforms.

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Lehman publishes slaves-in-Minnesota articles

St. Cloud State social historian Christopher Lehman has published four articles this year about slaves in Minnesota.

Among Lehman’s discoveries is a connection between a slave-holding southern governor and the University of Minnesota.

Lehman’s research documents that “Capital earned by the labor of hundreds of African American slaves on William Aiken Jr.’s plantation comprised a significant portion of the university’s finances in the late 1850s and early 1860s.”

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Choir director to conduct in Korea

Associate Professor Matthew Ferrell is a 2016 International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) fellow and one of seven United States conductors who will travel to South Korea this August.

Ferrell is director of choral activities at St. Cloud State University.

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