College of Education and Learning Design


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Our Husky Commitment to You

As an institution that encourages continuous, lifelong learning, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide evergreen resources for education alumni entering and engaged in the workforce. Whether our graduates find careers in schools, counseling centers, or government offices, St. Cloud State offers the support needed to thrive in their positions. 

GuaranTEACH Professional Support Network

GuaranTEACH is designed specifically for you as you embark on your new career as an educational professional. While these careers are incredibly rewarding, at times they can also be isolating and overwhelming. With guaranTEACH, you’ll: 

  • Build confidence in the classroom 
  • Collect resources for continuing education 
  • Strengthen your career pathways 
  • Find support from other education professionals and mentors 

Join a group and keep in touch—let's work together to create powerful learning experiences for the next generations. 

No additional cost to our graduates. 

Problem Solve with Small Groups

Graduates build and sustain relationships with their peers in small group meetings, which are facilitated by professional staff and can be tailored to fit content and grade level. Discussion topics are designed to meet new educators’ changing needs, from getting familiar with new classroom technology to receiving career coaching.  

Form Digital Connections

New educators can access e-learning modules and virtual lessons designed to help them meet the continuing education requirements for teacher licensure renewal. 

Access a Hub of Resources

GuaranTEACH offers curated resources, research summaries, and regional networks in one easy-to-access place. Here, you will find the professional development resources to support your career advancement.