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Our Husky commitment to you. 

SCSU guaranTEACH is a mentoring and support network designed for new educators. Beginning a career in education is incredible rewarding – and can also be isolating. Developing a strong support network is a great way to build confidence, collect resources, and strengthen career pathways. SCSU guaranTEACH provides opportunities for graduates to stay in touch with their cohorts through small group networks, digital content, and curated resources that will support your career needs.  

Best of all – guaranTEACH is a commitment to our graduates at no additional cost. Join a group, keep in touch, and let’s work together to create meaningful learning experiences for our students. 

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Small group topics include

  • Technology tools for the classroom
  • Career coaching
  • Wellness and Resiliency
  • What you need - hot topics or essential questions


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