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What is edTPA?

The edTPA is a subject-specific teacher performance assessment designed to measure teacher candidate effectiveness. The edTPA is completed during student teaching field experience, focusing on a learning segment of 3-5 lessons.  

During the edTPA, students submit evidence that demonstrates their teaching proficiency, including: 

  • Lesson plans 
  • Instructional materials 
  • Teaching videos 
  • Student assessments 
  • Sample student work 
  • Written commentaries 



Required score of points to pass the edTPA in Minnesota

How is the edTPA Scored?

Using rubrics from the edTPA handbook, professional scorers rate each candidate’s performance in three tasks: planning, instruction, and assessment. Each task is then divided into five rubrics. Scorers grade teacher candidates on a 1–5 scale per rubric, with a 3 demonstrating entry-level competency

Rochelle Dyer
A Message From the edTPA Coordinator

Hello, SCSU College of Education and Learning Design Students, 

Whether you have just been admitted into the College of Education and Learning Design or are beginning your final phase of professional preparation and student teaching, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as the edTPA Coordinator at SCSU. The edTPA is a performance-based assessment tool for pre-service teachers designed by Stanford University to determine whether a teacher candidate is ready to teach. In the State of Minnesota, successful completion of the edTPA is a condition of licensure.  

SCSU is committed to preparing highly effective educators and supporting candidates throughout the rigorous process of becoming a licensed teacher. You can be confident that the faculty and administration at SCSU have been engaged in ongoing curriculum mapping, professional development, and strategic planning to make sure that you are prepared for the edTPA. 

In addition to preparing faculty for the edTPA, we have also created a variety of support tools to set you up for success. Please take the opportunity to review the edTPA resources on this site and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at  

You are entering a very exciting time as you transition from university student to professional educator. We are here to support you and wish you the best of luck and much success. 

Thank you. 

Rochelle Dyer 
edTPA Coordinator 

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