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Transferring to the College of Education and Learning Design

St. Cloud State understands that each student’s education journey is unique. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are entering our school from another institution, we offer resources to help tailor your educational experience to your individual needs. 

All students planning to transfer to St. Cloud State’s College of Education and Learning Design should follow the admissions procedures laid out by the Admissions Office. Once admitted, you will be assigned an advisor in your major program to assist with your academic planning, including course selection and credit transfers. 

The College of Education and Learning Design's Advising and Student Success Center provides customized advice and transfer plans to incoming first and second-year students who have fewer than 60 credits.

Additional Resources

Transfer Pathways

As part of our Transfer Pathways program, we maintain articulation agreements with two-year colleges throughout Minnesota. Students earn their associate degree at one of our partner institutions, then transfer to St. Cloud State to earn their bachelor’s degree. This not only reduces the risk of losing credits in the transfer—it also saves you, as a student, time and money. 

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Degree Maps

Degree maps illustrate a recommended semester-by-semester sequence of courses to help students plan their long-term education at St. Cloud State. Search your program at the link below to explore degree maps and see where you’ll stand when you enter the program.

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Transferology is a nationwide network, frequently updated with the latest information from institutions across the country. Students are encouraged to use it to see how their credits will transfer to St. Cloud State.  

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of St. Cloud State undergraduate students have transferred from regionally accredited institutions.

Did you know?

With many of our students coming to us from different institutions, St. Cloud State strives to make the transfer process as straightforward as possible.