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Teacher Education

School of Education

The College of Education and Learning Design at St. Cloud State University enjoys a rich heritage of educator preparation and is committed to the preparation of high quality teachers, administrators, education scholars, and other school and community professionals. Serving as one of the largest producers of teachers in Minnesota, the College of Education and Learning Design is proud to serve as both a state and national leader in education.

At St. Cloud State University, the various programs that prepare students to become teachers in the state of Minnesota are housed in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science and Engineering, College of Education and Learning Design, College of Health and Wellness Professions, and School of Public Affairs.

Teacher Education unites all St. Cloud State University programs that lead to teacher licensure, regardless of the school or college where the programs are housed. Teacher Education provides a common identity for all teacher candidates as well as a sense of community, connectivity, and cohesiveness among faculty, staff, and students associated with teacher preparation programs at SCSU. 

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