Department of Environmental and Technological Studies


Professional Development

Work Based Learning

We were approved for the Work Based Learning license at the April PELSB Board meeting. 
This program is 3 graduate courses offered online.  Each course is 3 semester graduate credits.
  • ETS630 (or ETS695): Fundamentals of WBL - summer session
  • ETS631 (or ETS595): Designing student experiences for WBL - fall semester
  • ETS632: (or ETS694): Managing WBL settings - spring semester

This license is an endorsement to an existing license and requires a teacher to have a current Minnesota license that covers grades 9-12.

For more information contact Kurt Helgeson: or 320-308-3127

CTE license

  1. Core skills - Includes four courses and is required for all CTE licenses.
    • ETS650 (Spring semesters) - Contemporary Instructional Strategies in Technology Education & CTE
    • ETS673 (Spring semesters) - Foundations of Technology Education
    • ETS690 (Fall semesters) - Lab Safety and Maintenance in CTE and TE
    • ETS694 (Fall semesters) - Philosophy and Practice of CTE and TE
  2.  The courses will be offered online. Two classes will be offered each fall and spring. Classes are eight weeks in length. This is an endorsement to an existing license. It is expected that most portfolio reviews will take place during the summer.
  3. Content area - This will be a portfolio submitted for one of the four trades and industry areas.
    • Guides are listed below for each content area.

Registration for CTE, WBL or Summer Workshops

There are two options for taking courses: 

Here are guidelines (PDFs) for the portfolios - word documents will be available when registered for the portfolio class (1 - 3 credits):


There is a grant / loan program for graduate courses but you need to be admitted to the graduate program.  Details are at: 

Summer 2021 Workshop Schedule:

ETS414/514: Teaching CADD - June 21-22

ETS451/551: Mobile Lab Equipment & curriculum - June 23-25

ETS588: Portfolio for CTE license or Master's Degree - Online May 17-Aug. 8

ETS615: CTE & Tech Ed lab safety - July 27-29

ETS690 (01): Teaching Manufacturing - July 12-14

ETS690 (02): Teaching Concrete, Masonry & construction - Aug. 2-4

ETS694 (01): tours of Manufacturing - July 15-16

ETS694 (02): Tours of Construction - Aug. 5-6

For information on PLTW Professional Development credit contact Kurt Helgeson: 


Technology Education MS

All of the courses in the CTE license are part of our Technology Education graduate program and count toward the degree if you choose to complete your Master of Science degree.


If you have questions, please contact Kurt Helgeson at or 320-308-3127.