Department of Environmental and Technological Studies



Our programs foster environmental and technological literacy and prepare students to connect science, technology, society and the environment through research and assessment.


Construction Management (B.S.)

Construction Management is an applied construction field that provides knowledge and skills to manage construction of residential and commercial properties.

The field emphasizes construction management principles to prepare students for a career as a leader in the construction industry. The curriculum focuses on hands-on experiences to prepare the graduate for an exciting career in the midst of construction activity.

Environmental Science/Studies (B.S., BES)

Our Environmental Science program has a natural science focus and will prepare you for research and leadership positions in science and environmental professions or for graduate programs.

Our Environmental Studies students select courses from the social and natural sciences. We prepare you for environmentally-based careers that include management, research and regulation enforcement.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (B.S.)

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program is an applied engineering field that looks for better ways to manufacture products. This includes reducing cycle times, maintaining quality, and keeping costs reasonable. 

The field emphasizes engineering problem solving using a hands-on approach rather than the complex analysis that an engineer would typically use. The curriculum focuses on hands-on experiences to prepare the graduate for an exciting career in the midst of production activity.

Technology Education (B.S.)

We are the only Technology Education program in Minnesota accredited by NCATE/ITEEA/CTET. You'll graduate with a license to teach technology education in grades 5-12. Our program incorporates standards based technology education with Project Lead the Way.

Technology Management

Our Technology Management program is accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT). We prepare students for technology-based positions in two areas:


We also offer environmental and technology studies minors. Either is an excellent combination with majors such as biology, chemistry, geography, marketing, general business, graphic design and social sciences.


Technology Education (M.S.)

We give students the philosophical background and contemporary strategies for teaching technology.

Work Based Learning (Graduate Certificate)

Earn Work Based Learning licensure for grades 9-12.

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