Department of Environmental and Technological Studies

Fabrication Labs

Huskies Make It Space · Headley Hall, Room 116

Our student-staffed fabrication lab does 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, prototyping and custom printing. 

You provide a drafting file or graphic file, and our students will generate a quote and then lead the project to completion.

Wood Working Lab · Headley Hall, Room 109

Our students are trained to assist you in completing your wood project. You are responsible for supplying the materials, which can be stored in lockers in the lab and the hallway.

Automation Lab · ISELF Room 212

Students and faculty members can build functional, proof-of-concept devices, models and experiments using the sensors, controllers, motors, small robots and other resources in the Automation Lab.

The lab primarily uses VEX Robotics equipment and Link Motion desktop robots.

Manufacturing Center · Headley Hall, Room 120

Supervisor Tim Goodner and his student workers can assist you with proper use of the metal-working, CNC machining, welding, foundry and laser-cutting equipment.

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