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Employers typically spend 7-15 seconds pre-screening a résumé to find the right candidate.

Make yours stand out.

Once your résumé is written, email the Word document to us at We will reply within 48 business hours. You can also schedule an appointment.

Experiences to Include on a Résumé

Creating an Effective Résumé

Match Your Skills to the Ones Employers Want

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Cover Letters

Cover letters connect your experiences on your résumé to potential future positions. They highlight your strengths, accomplishments and can be tailored to the needs of the potential employer.

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Once your letter is written, email the Word document to us at We will reply within 48 business hours. You can also schedule an appointment.

Format Guidelines

Cover Letter Samples

Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae, meaning "course of one's life," gives much more detail than a résumé about academic and professional accomplishments.

Curriculum vitae are most often used for academic or research positions, whereas résumés are the preferred documents in business and industry.

A CV focuses more on responsibilities such as writing, researching, and teaching, than administrative duties and skills.

It should present your competencies and experiences related to the needs defined by the prospective employing organization.


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Letters of Correspondence

It is important to keep communications open with employers, especially after an interview or networking event!

Thank You Letters

Acceptance, Referral and Job Offer Rejection Letters

Portfolios and Credentials

A portfolio that reflects your major work and accomplishments is excellent preparation for supporting your answers to employer's questions.

Creating it forces you to think about which accomplishments will be important to the interviewer.

Simply preparing a portfolio gives you a better idea of how well you qualify for the position.

Traditional Portfolios

Electronic Portfolios


A reference letter is provided for an employee by people who are familiar with their work or character and who have positive remarks to make. Depending on the employees' request, the letter can be employment-related, personal, or it can demonstrate the character of the individual.

A list of references for a job serves as a compilation of individuals who can vouch for your qualifications, character, and work ethic, offering potential employers insights into your professional background and credibility.

Who Should You Ask?

Asking Permission

Providing a List of References to a Prospective Employer

What References Should Say

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