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Student networking with an employer

Networking may be the talent that gets you the furthest the fastest when you look for an internship or job.

Our Career Center offers insight, tips and tools for success in developing a career network. Watch these short Networking videos to get you started.

Introducing Yourself to an Employer

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Conducting an Informational Interview

An informational interview will give you valuable information about a field of interest or a particular business in a comfortable, no pressure atmosphere.

It will provide an excellent opportunity to establish a network of contacts that could lead to future employment.

Watch these short videos on Informational Interviewing to get started.

Steps to Success

Suggested Questions

Job Shadowing

A job shadow is a learning experience that takes place at a business or organization in your community.

During a job shadow you will be teamed with a business owner or employee and will observe and ask questions about his or her work.

You also may complete assignments that help you understand, think about and record the things you see, hear, and learn.

Why Are Job Shadows Important?

What Can I Expect During a Job Shadow?

Job Leads and Referrals Contact Letter

In some cases a letter of referral may be the foot-in-the-door introduction you need either for an informational interview or to get a closer look from a potential employer.


LinkedIn - How to Add a Million People to Your Network

To get started, watch these short videos on LinkedIn.

What Is LinkedIn and How Does It Work?

Adding Connections

Contacting People

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