Career Center

Make an Appointment

1. Determine the Type of Appointment

  • Career or major exploration: Discuss possible career or major options to pursue in your field of study. This appointment is not for students who want to declare or change a major, which is done through your academic advisor.
  • Cover letter review: Bring a printed rough draft of your cover letter and receive suggestions on ways to improve the quality and content.
  • Graduate school preparation: Learn strategies for locating and applying for graduate programs of interest.
  • Internship: Discuss the internship search process, learn websites and strategies for locating internship opportunities. 
  • Job searching full-time: Learn websites and strategies for locating employment opportunities after graduation.
  • Job searching part-time: Learn websites and strategies for locating employment opportunities while going to school.
  • MBTI exploration: After taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, identify and discuss your personality type and how it will impact your career. If you are taking the MBTI for a class, consult with your professor before making an appointment.
  • Mock Interview: Come dressed and prepared for an interview practice session. You will be provided feedback on what to improve on for an actual interview experience.
  • Resume and cover letter review: Bring a printed copy of your resume and cover letter for suggestions on layout and formatting to improve the quality and content of both documents.
  • Resume review: Bring a printed copy of your resume and receive suggestions on layout and formatting to improve the quality and content of your resume.

2. Schedule an Appointment

  1. Log in. 
  2. Click on Career Center and appointments.
  3. Click "Schedule a New Appointment."
  4. Choose a Category.
  5. Choose an Appointment Type.
  6. Choose a date.
  7. Select the time.
  8. Enter in details about what you'd like your appointment to focus on.
  9. Check your email for confirmation.
  10. Failure to show or cancel an appointment will result in revocation of permission to schedule future appointments.

3. Canceling an Appointment

Log in and click on Career Center then Appointments.
  • Select the appointment you want to cancel.
  • Click Cancel Appointment.
Need help? Call 320-308-2151 or email the Career Center.


4. Review Appointment and Interview Policies

Late policy

  • If you are going to be late, notify us at 320-308-2151 as soon as possible.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, without informing our office, you will need to reschedule the appointment. No exceptions.

No show/late cancellation:

  • If you miss scheduled appointments, or excessively cancel appointments within an hour of the appointment time, you may not be permitted to schedule appointments.

No show/late cancellation for appointments or interviews with employers

  • Candidates will be required to write a letter of apology to the interviewer if they must cancel their appointment or interview within 24 hours of the interview date and/or does not show-up for the scheduled interview.
  • Access to Handshake will be withdrawn until the letter is written and a copy sent to the Career Center. Access will be re-established once the letter has been sent.
  • A second violation will result in the termination of access until the candidate has met with a designated Career Center staff member.
  • Last-minute cancellations of appointments or "no-shows" are highly unprofessional. Employers leave with a negative impression of the candidate and our university, and it denies another student the opportunity to meet with that recruiter.  
  • As such, all cancellations of interviews must be completed at least 24 hours before the scheduled interview date. It is never acceptable to just not show for an appointment.
  • We know that occasionally a short-notice cancellation is necessary.  If explained in a note to the recruiter, they will understand.
  • We aim to be respectful of our employers’ time, and of the students who want to interview with these employers.
  • Questions: 320-308-2151.


  • All alumni have unlimited access to our services with one exception. Individual counseling appointments are allowed for three years after graduation.
  • Alumni are welcome to attend all events, including participating in on-campus interviewing, workshops and fairs, and access to Handshake job posting system.
  • Fees may be charged for assessments and other events where applicable.
  • Find a career coach. Minnesota Career Development Association maintains a list of Minnesota career counselors and coaches.

Prospective undergraduate or graduate students:

Faculty and staff:

  • Because our obligation is to meet with our current students and alumni, we are unable to meet with faculty or staff individually.
  • Faculty and staff are welcome to attend our events, including workshops, fairs and have access to Handshake.
  • Fees may be charged for assessments and other events where applicable.