Career Center


Explore Careers and Majors

Do you feel lost or confused about choosing a career or academic major? We can help.

  • Career assessments. Explore your interests, values, personality traits and skills and relate them to majors and careers. This is a great first step.
  • Schedule an appointment. A career counselor is here for you if you have in-depth questions or are struggling with your major or career choice.
  • Stop in. You can drop in 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the academic year to visit with a Peer Career Advisor. They will answer general questions or start you on your major or career exploration.
  • Take COLL 111 Career Planning. This two-credit course guides you through self-assessment, career research, decision-making and career preparation (sample syllabus).
  • Explore majors. Find the right major and career fit for you.
  • Research careers. Helpful online resources supplement our Career Center staff's knowledge.
  • Use our Four-Year Planning Guide. Review the suggestions and then develop your own path to make the most out of your academic, personal and professional growth.
  • Find a career coach. Minnesota Career Development Association maintains a list of Minnesota career counselors and coaches.
  • Exploring graduate school? The decision to attend graduate school can be exciting and overwhelming. Our resources will help you choose a program and know what to consider.