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Once registered, you'll have access to a variety of information about employment and career resources.

  • Full and part time jobs
  • Internships
  • Work study jobs
  • GoinGlobal (country specific employment information)
  • Graduate assistantships
  • Mock Interviews, LinkedIn Thursdays, and Feedback Fridays
  • Career events and job and internship fairs
  • CareerSpots videos for career preparation
  • On-campus interviews
  • Appointment scheduling

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Login to the right, or find instructions and other helpful information below.

Students and Alumni


This is a free service to all St. Cloud State University students and alumni. 

Prior to registering, familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions below and our appointment and interview policies.

Then log in with your Username/Star ID and password.

Complete your profile and review the information that comes from your Records and Registration profile. If you see discrepancies that you cannot edit, log in to your eServices account to make changes. Allow at least 48 hours for the changes to occur.

Can't log in? Call 320-308-2151 or email us.

Once registered, you can immediately use key features such as:

  • Appointment scheduling. When you need to have someone review your résumé or cover letter, or to talk about your major decision or career path, just schedule it through this system. You will receive an e-mail or text confirmation with appointment details.

  • Text message alerts. Opt in to receive text messages. Receive appointment reminders, and text messages about new jobs based on your job agent profile. GradLeaders does not charge for this service, but standard text messaging rates apply.
  • On-campus interviews, networking with employers and career events. The calendar lists on-campus interviews, LinkedIn Thursdays, Feedback Fridays, Mock Interviews, job and internship fairs and career events. You can electronically sign-up and submit your résumé online to employers.
  • Job and internship search. Do searches specific to your career and save them to run again. Set-up an e-mail or text notification for openings that fit your profile when they come into the system. Search for openings posted specifically to St. Cloud State University students and alumni or search the whole network.

Student and Alumni Guide

To add Jobs for Huskies to your HuskyNet portal

  • Log into myHuskyNet.
  • Click Customize on left side of the screen under "Welcome."
  • Scroll to Popular Links and click Add.
  • Clicking "Career Center Login" will take you to our site.

Update Your Profile

  • Select My Account, then My Profile.
    • Sections include Personal Information, Demographic Information, Skills and Additional Information.
  • Click Edit in each section you want to change.
  • Make changes and click Save.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • To receive updates and alerts via text message, click on the “Allow text messages from office, system emails and job agents.” You will need to fill out your cell phone number and carrier name.
  • The more detailed you fill out your profile, the better the Career Center is able to assist you.

Upload Your Documents

  • Select My Account, then My Profile.
  • Click Add for the document type you plan to upload.
  • Name your document (for example: Primary Résumé).
  • Choose a file to upload, and then Save.
  • When uploading more than one résumé, make sure your most generic résumé is your default. Your default résumé is the document employers can view when accessing our system.

Make an Appointment

  • In the left navigation, select Make Appointment.
  • Select an appointment type.
  • Select the Date Range and click Search.
  • Select your preferred appointment time and date.
  • Read through the appointment confirmation that appears. It will help you prepare for your appointment.
  • Click Done, or Cancel, if you no longer want this appointment time.
  • You will receive an email and/or text message with your appointment confirmation.

Cancel an Appointment

  • Once logged in, click on Calendar, and select the appointment.
  • Under Actions, click Cancel.
  • To confirm, click OK. You will receive a cancellation email and/or text confirmation.

Searching for Jobs, Internships, Work Study, and Graduate Assistantships

  • In Job/Internship Search, select Job/Internship Search or Work Study Jobs (if you are eligible).
  • Fill in the search criteria to narrow your search OR just click the Search button (without entering any search criteria) to view all current jobs.
  • Click on the Job ID to see the specifics of the position and how to apply.

Saving Jobs

  • You can save jobs to your favorites using the Add to Favorites button in the job profile.
  • Click on My Favorites on the left navigation bar to see your favorite jobs. A yellow star will be displayed next to jobs you have saved, and a green star will appear next to jobs that you have saved and have submitted your résumé to.
  • You can email job records by clicking on the Email to a Friend icon in the job profile.

Qualified Schedules

  • In our system, you are only able to apply to schedules that you qualify for in the Interview Schedules menu.
  • Select Sign-up for Interviews I Qualify For under Interview Schedules.
  • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position and how to apply.
    • If this is a Preselect schedule, click Request Interview to apply for the position. If this is an Open schedule, click on the Interview Date you prefer.
  • You must apply for the position before you can sign up for an interview.
  • After you apply, you will be contacted by the employer on their decision at which point you will be able to schedule an interview.

All Schedules

  • While you can view current schedules under View All Upcoming Interviews, you cannot apply.
  • Use Sign-up for Interviews I qualify For to apply or sign-up on a schedule.
    • Select View All Upcoming Interviews under Interview Schedules.
    • Fill in the search criteria to narrow your search OR click the Search button (without entering any search criteria) to view all current interview schedules.
    • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position.

Viewing Your Activity

  • Select My Account, then My Activity.
  • Activities you can view:
    • Referrals — Résumé referrals you’ve submitted to an employer’s job, our office has submitted on your behalf, or an employer has downloaded your résumé.
    • Employment — Current job placements and details.
    • Schedules — Shows any interviews, information sessions, or waiting lists you are on. Your pending Preselection Activity is visible in that section.
    • Event Registrations — Career Events you are registered for.
    • Survey Responses — Your response information to any survey issued through the system.
    • Appointments — Your appointment information.
    • Job Agents — Responses if you have set up a job agent notification on new/updated jobs matching your criteria.
    • Event Agents — Responses if you have set up an event agent to notify you of new career events.

Searching for Career Events

  • When you click on Career Events, you will see a list of all current events.
  • Click on the event’s name to view details, attending employers or to register.
  • Not all events accept registrations or allow students to search the list of employers registered.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews with employers are scheduled during the fall and spring in Centennial Hall 215.

You must complete your profile in Jobs for Huskies by clicking on the log in button above and have a résumé uploaded to apply for the interviews.

How do you sign up for an interview?

  • You can look at the schedules under View All Upcoming Interviews but go to Sign up for Interviews I qualify for to apply.
  • Place your cursor over Interview Schedules and select View All Upcoming Interviews.
  • Fill in the search criteria to narrow your search or click on the Search button to view all schedules.
  • Click Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position.

Help is available at Career Center or 320-308-2151

Sign-up for Mock Interviews, Feedback Fridays and LinkedIn Thursdays

Mock Interviews are a great way to get interview experience, coaching and feedback from employers.

LinkedIn Thursdays are specific to getting feedback on LinkedIn profiles.

Feedback Fridays are designed for employers to give advice on resumes, interviews or careers.

To sign-up:

  • Log in to Jobs for Huskies by clicking the Student or Alumni buttons above.
  • Complete your profile and upload a resume.
  • Hover over "Interview Schedules" and click on "Sign up for Interviews I qualify for."
  • Scroll down and look for job titles that begin with
    • "Mock Interview - employer name".
    • "LinkedIn Thursday - employer name".
    • "Feedback Friday - employer name".
  • If you cannot sign-up for a time, the schedule may be full. Select a different position.
  • Contact our office if you are still having difficulties signing up.

Terms and Conditions

By registering and posting your résumé you acknowledge (and agree) that:

  • Career Center staff have access to all information contained in the system.
  • By entering information and uploading documents you are providing your information to a network of employers who have been given access by the Career Center.
  • Registrants' information accessed by employers is to be used solely by that employer and must not be sold or otherwise distributed to any entity other than the specific employer who has been granted access by the Career Center.
  • Information contained in any job or internship posting or information provided by any employer is the sole responsibility of the employer and therefore the Career Center makes no representations, endorsements or guarantees about any postings or other information provided by any employer.
  • The Career Center reserves the right to deny access to anyone who misuses the intent and services of this system.

Review GradLeaders Terms of Use.




When you register with the Career Center, you will be able to post jobs and internships, set up interview sessions, register for events and access eligible candidates' résumés online.

We also offer free scheduling of on-campus interviews and other employer services.

Our free, full-service online job and internship posting service is for employers who want to target St. Cloud State University students and recent graduates. 

Register as a new employer

  • Search our database to see if your organization or company is already registered.
  • If you don't find it, click "Can't Find Your Organization" to register as a new employer. Please allow up to 48 business hours for requests to be reviewed.
  • Complete all sections. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  • Click on Register.
  • To post a job, follow steps in To Create a Job (below).
  • Any problems?  University employers, contact Simon Bauer, 320-308-4897. All other employers, contact Nancy Michael, 320-308-3932.

Once you have registered and if you posted a job, both your account and job will be in pending status. An administrator will review both within 48 business hours. If your registration is approved, you will be notified by email.

If you do not receive notification within 48 business hours, contact Nancy Michael, 320-308-3932, or the Career Center, 320-308-2151.

Existing users


Update a profile

  • Use Edit to update Employer Information or Contact Information. Make changes and Save to complete the changes.

Student search

  • Select Search. Click Search to view all available students or choose your criteria and click on Search.
  • You may view, sort, or create a résumé packet, which you can receive via email,

Create a new posting

  • Click My Jobs/Internships - New Job/Internship. Enter posting information. Fields with an * are required. Fill out as much information as possible to make the posting complete.
  • Under “How to Apply,” enter the procedure in which a potential employee may apply for this position. Save to update the information.
  • You must answer “Yes” to the “Allow applicants to apply through this site” (bottom of the Posting Information section) if you want to:
    • Use the system to schedule on campus interviews.
    • Send you email notifications of student job applications.
    • Allow you to review applicant résumés via our system.
  • If you want to schedule on campus interviews AND require students to apply via your website, include those instructions in the “How to Apply” section AND select “Yes” in “Allow applicants to apply through this site.”

Make changes to current postings

  • Under My Jobs/Internships in the menu bar, select Job/Internship List.
  • Select the Job ID/Job/Internship Title you wish to edit.
  • From the Profile View click Edit in any section you want to update.
  • Remember to Save.

Re-post postings

  • Under My Jobs/Internships open the posting in the Job/Internship List.
  • Under Page functions on the left menu, click Copy Job.

Register for a career event

  • In the Career Events menu, select Search.
  • Enter event name, category or date to find event.
  • To see all events, click Search. You will see a list of all current Career Events (Job and Internship Fairs, Job Fair Prep, etc.).
  • Click the Career Event’s name for details.
  • Complete your profile and select the appropriate fees (if any).
  • Add or remove additional attendees.
  • Include information about current positions that are open and applicable majors.
  • Once you register for an event, click the Invoice button to immediately print the invoice.
  • Expect an email from the Career Center to confirm your registration.
  • If you need to change your profile or fees after registration has been confirmed, contact 320-308-2151.

Request an on-campus interview schedule

  • Under My Interview Schedules, select New Schedule Request.
  • Select Schedule Type, Preferred Interview Dates, Number of Rooms and Interview Timeslot Preference. Click Save & Continue.
  • If you choose Yes in the Need Info Session field, you will be taken to the info session request wizard.
  • Select or add the job or internship you want to interview for and select documents you want to receive from students.
  • Review and click Save & Continue.
  • Once you submit your schedule request, it will be reviewed by the Career Center. You can access your completed schedule under the My Interview Schedules/Schedule List.

Recruiting Terms and Conditions

  • St. Cloud State University's Career Center subscribes to and endorses the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals as published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. As such, all employers who wish to use the Career Center's job posting and campus recruiting site must agree to abide by these principles.
  • All employers and individuals also must conform to the Minnesota State policies regarding nondiscrimination and all applicable Equal Opportunity laws.
  • All employers requesting access to Career Center services and/or events must be registered users. Employers may request an employer account.
  • By logging in, the employer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by St. Cloud State University for the use of this online recruiting system.
  • Employers must provide complete contact information when registering. Employers are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of employer information, full contact name and address, as well as all information in job descriptions. A valid e-mail address and phone number are mandatory to communicate directly with the employer contact(s). All job postings must include a complete description of the work involved.
  • The employer contact person is responsible for the distribution and use of their username and password, as well as its use and misuse. Any user found to be using it inappropriately or inconsistent with the university and Career Center guidelines will have access revoked.
  • Employers who require candidates to purchase products as condition of employment or those who charge a fee of any kind to candidates for their employment services will not be granted access to the system.
  • Private households or individuals: Effective June 15, 2014, postings from private households or individuals will no longer be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, personal care attendants, house cleaning, yard work, nannies, tutors, pet care, etc. This is a safety precaution for all involved. An alternative site to consider is
  • Candidate information accessed by employers is to be used solely by that employer and must not be sold or otherwise distributed to any entity other than the specific employer who has access.
  • The Career Center staff will review complaints by students, alumni, faculty, and staff about employers or jobs posted on the system. If determined to be justified, the Career Center may choose to deny services to the employer involved. The Career Center executive director or the appropriate designee's interpretation and implementation of these policies are final.
  • The Career Center will regularly update and enhance the site and may, from time to time, revise the Employer Terms and Conditions. Use of our site is governed by the Employer Terms and Conditions posted at the time of use.
  • Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in discontinuation of access. Other reasons for discontinuation of access include, but are not limited to, invalid employer e-mail addresses, inappropriate messaging, evidence of fraudulent activity, or other items deemed inappropriate by the Career Center executive director or the appropriate designee. The Career Center executive director or the appropriate designee's interpretation and implementation of the "Employer Terms and Conditions" is final. Any exception to these terms and conditions must be negotiated between the Career Center executive director or the appropriate designee and the employer representative.



If you are trying to post on-campus job openings, create an employer account. For on-campus employment questions, contact Simon Bauer in Financial Aid, 320-308-4897.

New faculty or staff users can contact Karen Hommerding, 320-308-2153, to gain access or with questions.

Returning users:

After logging in, you can

  • Update Your Profile
    • Click My Profile.
    • Click Edit to edit “Personal Information” fields.
    • Edit fields and click Save.
  • Search for Students
    • Click on Student Search.
    • Enter in specific criteria or click Search to view all students.
    • Click on the Last Name of an individual student to view their profile and résumé.
  • Search for Employers
    • Click Employer Search.
    • Enter specific criteria or click Search to view all employers.
    • Click on the Organization Name to view the employer profiles.
  • Search for Jobs and Internships
    • Click Job/Internship Search.
    • Enter specific criteria or click Search to view all jobs and internships.
    • Click on the Job ID to view position specifics and application instructions.
  • Search for Career Events
    • Click Career Events.
    • Enter specific criteria or click Search to view all career events.
    • Click the Career Event Name to view event specifics.