School of Education

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Departments and Programs

The School of Education at St. Cloud State University prepares future teachers, administrators, and other education personnel at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Through a variety of departments, centers and support offices, students enjoy many opportunities to pursue a variety of career paths in the field of professional education.

Child and Family Studies (CFS)

Child and Family Studies prepares students for professional roles working with young children, parents and families in a variety of public and private settings.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Human Relations and Multicultural Education (HURL)

Human Relations and Multicultural Education is an interdisciplinary applied field committed to addressing questions of equity, self-determination, resource allocation and quality of life facing people around the world.

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program

Special Education (SPED)

Special Education is committed to preparing high quality teachers for students with disabilities

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Teacher Development (ED/TDEV) & Information Media (IM)

Information Media (IM) has merged with Teacher Development (ED/TDEV).

Teacher Development (ED/TDEV)

Teacher Development offers licensure programs for Elementary Education and Secondary Education, as well as students seeking teaching licensure in many areas.

Undergraduate Programs

Secondary Licensure Programs

Pre K-12 Programs

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Programs

Information Media (IM)

Information Media prepares students pursuing careers in educational communications, information technologies, and human resources development and training.

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Programs

Educational Leadership and Higher Education (ELHE)

Educational Leadership and Higher Education is dedicated to offering students the opportunity to develop, advance and apply learning in leadership roles as a school administrator.

Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAD)

Higher Education Administration (HIED)