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Retention Schedules

Offices at St. Cloud State create records, both paper and digital, to do their jobs. Check the records retention schedules to find out what happens to records when they are no longer needed.

It is up to the department or unit to follow the records retention schedule. By doing so, you are complying with state law and St. Cloud State policy.

Retention Schedules

All records forms, including paper and digital, are covered by the records retention schedules.

These schedules created by the above offices are for their use only. For records that are created across many offices, check the University-wide schedule.

If you do not see records from your office on the schedule, contact the University Archives at We will assist your office to start the records retention schedule process.

Documenting Record Destruction

Minnesota statute 138.17, Subdivision 7 (Records management), states that all offices destroying records according to the state approved retention schedule must document the process. By doing so, your office or unit will show that records were destroyed in accordance to the state approved records retention schedule and in the normal course of business.

If your records are listed and are eligible to be destroyed, please complete the records destruction report (rtf file) by hand or using a word processing program. When finished, please send the form by mail (to MC 314) or by email at to University Archives for permanent retention.

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