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St. Cloud State is rich in tradition and history, especially in the development of its physical campus. The university honors much of this past by naming buildings after those who have contributed to its growth since its founding in 1869. Explore the exhibits to learn more!

  • The Faces Behind the Places
    Who was Lawrence Hall named after? What about Atwood? Or Kiehle? Familiar names to all at St. Cloud State, but who are the faces behind the places? Learn a little more about the buildings that we see, visit, and learn in everyday.
  • From Normal to University: The St. Cloud State Campus Since 1869
    Explore how the physical St. Cloud State campus has changed since 1869 through information and historic images. Organized chronologically, view campus aerial images to see the changes through time as a sleepy campus along the Mississippi River to one that is 100 acres.
  • Individual building profiles
    Focusing initially on buildings who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, these profiles contain information about the building, its construction, dedication, images, links to documents, and other interesting facts.