University Archives

Historical Compilations and Histories

The University Archives will periodically post historical compilations, as well as historic documents, on St. Cloud State events, people, and buildings.  

Cultural Geography of St. Cloud State

Access an in-depth bibliography of historical resources to document the development of the modern St. Cloud State University campus and built environment. This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

Historic Timelines

The timelines focus on people, events, and buildings, as well as anything else that caught our eye as interesting. Some of the highlights are serious, some silly, and some surprising. The timelines will be updated periodically.

St. Cloud State Structure

What were the names of St. Cloud State when? Who has held senior management positions? What were the the names of St. Cloud State's school/colleges, who lead them and when, and what departments were in each school/college from the fall of 1962 to June 2011? What were the academic divisions from 1940 to 1962?

Transcript Index, 1870s-1930s

An index containing nearly 20,000 names of St. Cloud State students who appeared in 15 volumes of academic transcripts, dating from the 1870s to the 1930s.

Chronicle Index, 1924-1996

The index covers the time period between 1924 and 1996. The index seems fairly complete, especially early on, and is taken from Chronicle headlines. The document was created from 30+ handwritten paper tablets which were entered into a Word Document by students in Archives. A PDF was created for easier use.

St. Cloud State University Seals

Learn more about the official St. Cloud State seals! What seal was used when? What was the symbolism of each seal?

Alumni Directories from 1908, 1940, 1992, and 1998

The directories are an excellent resource to use for research in the lives of early St. Cloud State graduates, as well as though that graduated just 15 years ago.

The Annual Normalia: An Early Look at St. Cloud State

Curious to see what life was like at St. Cloud State in the early 20th century? Check out two volumes of the annual issue of The Normalia for academic years 1902/03 and 1903/04.

The Talahi: Yearbook of St. Cloud State

The most popular name of the yearbook, which was printed from 1923 to 2003, the Talahi provides a peak into campus happenings from the student perspective for 75 years.

History of St. Cloud State Teachers College (1954), by Dudley Brainard

Written by long-time faculty member and former president, Dudley Brainard, this history was an update of his 1944 history created for the 75th anniversary of St. Cloud State's establishment.

A Centennial History of St. Cloud State College (1968), by Edwin Cates

Authored by History faculty member Edwin Cates, this volume was written to commemorate St. Cloud State's 100th anniversary in 1969.

University Archives YouTube channel

Some film and video from University Archives has been digitized and posted to YouTube. Nearly all of it are football games from the 1950s through the 1980s.