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St. Cloud State Structure

Curious about the names of St. Cloud State, who held senior positions, including president, and the names and deans of the various schools and colleges? If so, we have the answers!

Names of St. Cloud State, 1869 to present

Discover what the names of St. Cloud State were when and see the legislative acts that authorized the change.

Senior administrative and other campus positions

Find out who held the positions of President and vice presidents for Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Advancement, and Student Life, as well as Resident Director (1868-1965) and other campus positions.

Academic Structure, 1940-1962

Learn the names of St. Cloud State's divisions and what subjects were taught in each division from 1940 to the summer of 1962.

Academic Structure, 1962-2011

Learn the names of St. Cloud State's school/colleges, who lead them and when, and what departments were in each school/college from the fall of 1962 to June 2011.

Academic Structure, 2011 to present

Learn the names of St. Cloud State's schools/colleges and who lead them and when from July 2011 to the present.