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Retention Schedules: Counseling

Records Type

Do not destroy records that are part of - or you are aware that they will be part of - any legal action, audit, investigation, or review.

Client Records

Agency Schedule Number: 016-051
Item No.: 1
Confidential Information: Yes

Office of Record: Counseling and Psychological Services
Other Offices: Reference copies maintained by other units should be disposed of by recycling or file wiping when no longer needed for administrative purposes. Reference copies should be kept no longer than the period specified for the Office of Record.

Retention Period: If the client was 18 years of age or older when consultation began, retain in office 8 years after last clinical contact, then dispose by shredding.

Effective Date: June 2012
Revision Date: January 2016

Original Copy of Schedule as Approved by the State of Minnesota