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Remote Hires Working Within the U.S.

I-9 Information for Employees Not Working on Campus

Occasionally, a department may hire an employee who is to be paid by the University and provide services to the university, yet will not physically work on the university campus. Regardless of where employees will physically perform their duties, if employed within the United States, the Form I-9 must be completed. (Note: this does not apply to individuals working outside the United States.)

The Remote Hire process and form have been designed to help employees fill out the Form I-9 even if they do not ever come to the St Cloud State University Campus.

An authorized agent must be assigned to complete the form for the University. It is the responsibility of the employee being hired to work with St Cloud State University to locate possible authorized representatives to assist in completion of the Form I-9. (For information or questions please contact Human Resources at 320-308-3203 or

An authorized agent is someone that Human Resources authorizes to act as an agent for St Cloud State University, such as a notary public, attorney, outside personnel officer, etc. The agent should be chosen carefully because St Cloud State University will be held responsible for the actions of the agent.

Procedure for Remote Hires Working Within the U.S.

  • The hiring department must notify Human Resources as soon as possible if an employee will be hired that is not able to come to campus to complete the Form I-9.
  • Human Resources will coordinate with the employee and possible agents to identify a designee able and willing to complete the Form I-9 on the University’s behalf.
  • Once a designee is identified, Human Resources fills in the Remote Hire Notice form, identifying the designated agent, and sends the completed form along with the Remote Hire Notice Instruction Sheet to the employee along with the Form I-9 and the I-9 instructions.
  • The employee completes section 1 of the Form I-9 only. This needs to be completed on or before the first day of work.
  • The employee presents the Form I-9 and acceptable documents to the authorized agent, who will complete section 2 of Form I-9 within three (3) business days of the employee’s start date.
  • All I-9 paperwork procedures and deadlines are the same.
  • The employee must return all forms completed by the agent along with the Remote Hire Notice to St Cloud State University Human Resources Office.

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