Human Resources

Leave, Overtime & Compensatory Time

Online Leave Request

All Classified employees, Administrators, and ASF will submit their leave requests through the Time and Leave Reporting system. Faculty will continue submit the written request form.

Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Request

Requests for Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence (leave for salary savings) must be made to the Human Resources office the pay period before the leave is to begin. Timesheets should be coded with the appropriate code of LSS and number of hours per day when using leave for salary savings.

MSUAASF and Minnesota State Administrators must submit a leave slip for the days they use Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence.

Overtime/Compensatory Time

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets forth compensation provisions for time and a half and overtime, and determines who is subject to and who is exempt from the Act. Rates and standards vary among the collective bargaining agreements. Consult supervisor and collective bargaining agreement or plan for specific information.  

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