Human Resources

Reallocation for Classified Positions

Supervisor/Employee’s Responsibilities:

  • Supervisor and/or employee make necessary revisions to the position description.
  • Supervisor and/or employee create an organizational chart of the department.
  • Supervisor writes a memo to the Human Resources Office requesting the position to be reallocated. This memo must state the position and who occupies the position. It also must detail why the supervisor feels this position should be reallocated. It should include comparisons of similar positions that are already classified at the higher level.

Human Resources’ Responsibilities:

  • Reviews revised position description, organizational chart and justification memo.
  • Recommends changes, if necessary.
  • Compares to similar position at SCSU or other state agencies.
  • Writes memo to Minnesota State requesting reallocation. Includes detailed rationale.

Minnesota State’s Responsibilities:

  • Reviews request. May call for additional information or for clarification.
  • Compares to similar positions throughout other state agencies.
  • Makes determination and responds, in writing, to Human Resources.

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