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According to Minnesota Statues 13.43 Personnel Data, Subdivision 1, Definition, "…personnel data means data on individuals collected because the individual is or was an employee of or an applicant for employment by, performs services on a voluntary basis for, or acts as an independent contractor with a state agency, statewide system or political subdivision or is a member of or applicant for employment."

In accordance with Minnesota Statues 13.03, Access to Government Data, the following public access procedures have been established:

Upon request, a person may have access to public government data in the possession of the Office of Human Resources for the purpose of inspection. The university will not assess a charge or have the person requesting the information pay a fee just to inspect the data.

The inspection includes the visual inspection of paper and similar types of government data. However, the inspection does not include printing a copy unless it is the only method available for review of the data. Copies requested or electronic transmittal of the data will require the person making the request to pay "…the actual costs of searching for and retrieving government data, including the cost of employee time, and for making, certifying, compiling, and electronically transmitting the copies of the data. There will not be a charge for separating public from private data."

If the university is not able to provide copies when the request is made, the copies will be supplied as soon as reasonably possible. A data request requiring staff time and resources will involve a charge based on resources required to obtain the information. The charges will be based on an hourly rate of the human resources office employee involved in collecting the information in addition to other expense such as copy machine equipment cost and postage.

The university, upon request of the requesting person, will explain the "…actual development costs for the information." If the request for information is for classified data that cannot be given, the university will state in writing why the request cannot be honored.

The Office of Human Resources will give an estimation of the cost for supplying the information. Advance payment before the requested information is given out may be required. The request for public data may originate in this office; other offices may maintain the data that is being sought. It may require more time than usual to obtain the data. The person(s) requesting the data will be given an estimated turn-around time.

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