Human Resources

Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace

  • Preventing Employment Discrimination
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment

The training is available online at:

There are two segments and they will provide you with a full acquaintance with employment law applicable to SCSU as a public institution. 

Each segment takes approximately one hour to complete. Each segment contains a drop down menu that allows you to take the training at different times and to stop and start up again if your schedule demands that. This web-based training is available on a 24/7 server and can be accessed from any compatible computer with internet access, anytime. The self assessment at the end of each segment can be taken more than once. Results of the self assessment are kept on file electronically and only the Office of Affirmative Action receives and maintains those reports. These verify that training has been completed.

Discrimination Prevention training is mandatory in a number of states and is essential for every supervisor and manager as a means of equity, professional development, and risk management. All SCSU employees are strongly encouraged to complete this training. Understanding our basic legal obligations for nondiscrimination is part of making each of more culturally competent in understanding what is fair by objective criteria. It can help each of us be part of a more hospitable and welcoming campus.