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Faculty Forms - Procedures for Completion

Unclassified Change Form

The Unclassified Change Form is used to make additional payments to employees already in the payroll system, such as overloads, extra duty days, or substitute pay. It is also used to notify HR of a change in assignment, i.e., reassigned time.

  1. Overload calculation is:

    Base salary x .0225 x the number of credits. The current adjunct rate needs to be used if the calculation is under that amount (currently $1,349 per credit).

    Examples: $67,588 x .0225 = $1,520.73 per credit
    $44,131 x .0225 = $ 992.95 per credit ($1,349 needs to be paid)

    Normally total overload shall not exceed 5 credits per academic year (see the IFO collective bargaining agreement)

    Indicate the semester the overload is worked.
  2. Extra duty days calculation is:

    Base salary divided by 168 days

    Example: $67,588 ÷ 168 = $402.31 per day

    Be sure to include the dates of the extra duty days and also indicate on the assignment section the work that was done. Extra duty days may not be scheduled on a regular duty day (check the academic calendar for these dates). Total extra duty days may not exceed 56. See IFO collective bargaining agreement for additional days that may not be scheduled as extra duty days.
  3. Substitute pay is for when a faculty member replaces another faculty member. Call Human Resources to discuss the calculation process for this as there are many different types of scenarios.
  4. Current appointment change – this is used for reassigned time:

    Example: The employee is changing from 100% teaching to 75% teaching and 25% reassigned time. Salary would stay the same, but the percent of time would be entered as 100% to 75% teaching and 25% reassigned. Indicate in the Reason for Change” what the employee will be doing for the 25% time and the date the change will be effective. If it’s for both semesters put “academic year”, and if only for one semester enter “fall semester” or “spring semester”.

    This should also be used if an adjunct was hired for 3 credits fall semester using the Employment Request Form and now 3 credits need to be added to their assignment for the same semester. In the salary section, indicate the original salary, followed by the new salary and the percent of time would be entered as 25% to 50% and again indicate which semester. This form would only be used to change their assignment for the period of time that is indicated on the original Unclassified Employment Request Form. If originally hired the employee for both semesters and now want to increase their workload this form can be used. If originally only hired them for fall and now want to have the employee teach spring, the Unclassified Employment Request Form needs to be completed.

Summer Session Roster

The Summer Session Rosters are maintained by Graduate Studies. If the person being hired is to teach a summer session class and has been either fixed term or adjunct during the academic year, there is no need to complete an Unclassified Employment Request Form for them. The employee can be put directly on the roster without doing additional paperwork. If the employee has not worked during the academic year, then an Unclassified Employment Request Form needs to be completed.

Sick/Vacation/Personal Leave Usage

Requests for time off (sick leave, personal days) must be made through the Employee Home.

Personal leave is counted in full day increments. If the employee chooses to use personal leave they will be charged a full day of leave (8 hrs) regardless of the amount of hours actually used. IFO employees are granted up to 3 personal days per fiscal year.

Sick leave for faculty is based on an 8 hour work day. If the employee is out for a full day they will be charged 8 hours, not how many teaching hours they had that day.

If an employee is going to be out for an extended period of time because of illness or surgery, contact Human Resources for important insurance information prior to the dates absent or as soon as possible in an emergency situation.

Bereavement leave is a separate type of leave, it does not come out of sick leave. The employee must state the relationship of the deceased person so it can be determined if the bereavement leave meets the criteria in the IFO bargaining agreement. See current IFO bargaining agreement for more information.


The Dean’s Office requests the promotion forms from Human Resources. The Dean’s office then releases the promotion information and forms to the faculty member and the EPT committee after receiving the faculty member’s request. The faculty member cannot receive the forms directly through Human Resources, they must go through their Dean’s office.

Promotion/Tenure Transmittal Forms

The process for Promotion and Tenure involve two different sets of forms, the Recommendation for Promotion/Tenure Transmittal Form and the Faculty Evaluation Report – Personnel Data Form for Tenure/Promotion.

The Recommendation for Promotion/Tenure Transmittal Form will automatically be sent, from Human Resources, to the department chairperson for faculty members in their final year of probationary service. This is a 4 part form with 3 pages. If the chairperson, EPT committee or the Dean’s recommendations are typed on a separate sheet of paper – BE SURE TO INCLUDE 4 COPIES.

The Faculty Evaluation Report – Personnel Data Form for Promotion/Tenure will automatically be sent, from Human Resources, to the faculty members in their final year of probationary service. This is a 2 part form with 6 pages. The faculty member can submit their information using a separate sheet of paper, but all 5 criteria must be identified and BE SURE TO INCLUDE 2 COPIES. If only one copy is submitted, Human Resources will keep that copy for the personnel file and there will not be one returned to the faculty member.

If a faculty member is requesting early tenure, they must submit a letter to the Dean’s office indicating they will be applying for early tenure. The Dean’s office then sends the forms to the faculty member and the EPT committee.

Please refer to more information about Article 22 and Article 25 Procedures from the Office of the Provost.

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