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Employment Request

The Employment Request Form is used to hire an employee. It initiates the process whereby an Appointment Form is generated for the employee to sign and places the employee on payroll.

  1. The Employment Request Form has a paragraph on top that states what needs to be included with the form. For a new employee, the complete packet should be sent forward – do not send materials through separately. Affirmative Action and Academic Affairs need to see the complete file before signing off. A PhD transcript needs to be an original.
  2. Fill out the entire form – for adjunct appointment, rank does not need to be assigned. If the person is adjunct and teaching the entire semester please enter the semester dates. If the employee is not teaching the entire semester, then put in the dates of the class. For probationary, fill in the final year dates, which is 5 years, unless special arrangements have been made. If left blank, verify with chairperson that it’s a 5 year probationary period and enter that information.
  3. Special considerations – work authorization statements, completion of Ph.D. requirement, tenure granted in anything less or more than 5 years.
  4. Source of funding – Include the account number to be charged
  5. Identification – if replacement, include the name of the person the new employee is replacing. If adjunct, per the IFO collective bargaining agreement, specify why an adjunct is being hired:
    1. To meet temporary staffing needs due to enrollment increases for which normal full funding is not provided.
    2. To meet temporary staffing needs when faculty are reassigned to other duties or who are on sabbatical or are on other leaves of absence.
    3. To teach courses requiring special expertise and/or to meet special programmatic needs of departments where such expertise and needs cannot otherwise be provided by the faculty within the department.

Enter the number, in the “Replacement For” line, that corresponds to the reason for hiring an adjunct. 

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