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Tobacco Cessation Programs

Many tobacco cessation programs are available to employees through their employee health plan.

To ask questions about whether or not specific procedures are covered, contact your current or prospective carrier.  Oftentimes there is additional information that needs to be provided before a plan can decide whether a particular procedure will be covered.  You may also contact the Advantage Health Advisors (AHA) at 877-242-0111 for assistance.  AHA can provide very personalized advice to those seeking information on conditions, treatment options, and other medical questions.

Navitus will charge copays for up to three months, per calendar year, for formulary nicotine replacement therapies or over-the-counter therapies for employees who have completed the on-line Health Assessment and have opted to receive health coaching call. This same benefit will apply to dependents of an employee who has taken the Health Assessment and agreed to accept a health coaching call.  All carriers, BlueCross BlueShield, HealthPartners, and PreferredOne, as well as JourneyWell, offer free phone-based smoking cessation coaching. 

Please contact Navitus directly at  or call them at 1-866-333-2757 for more information.

For anyone

Quitplan Helpline 1-888-354-PLAN (free 1:1 counseling, free nicotine patches and gum)

MPAAT – Minnesota Tobacco Helpline 1-877-270-STOP (Free 1:1 counseling and individual quitting plan)

Clearway MN  (Non-profit organization that helps Minnesotans stop tobacco use and reduces exposure to second hand smoke through research, action and collaboration.)

For students

SCSU Medical Clinic and Pharmacy 320.308.3193 1:1 consultation with a medical provider