September 2019 Saint Cloud Weather Summary

The persistent wetness that began with the late snow season continued into September with the rainiest month of the year so far. There were 7.55 inches of rain at the St. Cloud Regional Airport, more than double the average amount of 3.46 inches. This made September 2019 the 3rd wettest September in St. Cloud records. It was also the wettest month in St. Cloud in more than 29 years. June 1990 was the last month that was wetter with a total of 10.52 inches.

And, there was even more rain nearby. The St. Cloud State University rain gauge had 9.45 inches with even more (10-15 inches) near Paynesville and from Popple Creek northeastward through Lake Mille Lacs, Mora, and Sandstone.

The total precipitation during the first 9 months of the year is now 34.89 inches, which ranks as the third highest Jan-Sept total in St. Cloud records. The rainfall total through September 30 was 11.85 inches above average.

In fact, this January through September total as of September 30 ranks as 13th wettest entire year in St. Cloud records, 0.27 inch short of 10 wettest years. And, that difference was likely to be made up during the first week of October.

There were no daily rainfall records set. The highest daily total of 1.99 inches on the 12th was 0.46 inch short of a record.

In September, it rained on 15 of the 30 days during the month. The 2 days with at least an inch of rain pushed the annual total to 10 days, tied for the 7th most in a year. There were 6 days with at least half an inch of rain, pushing the annual total to 29 days. That's tied for 3rd most with 1965.

The rain was mainly caused by hot and humid air frequently parked over or just to the south of Minnesota. This kept the available moisture near record levels for any storm that went by.

Central and southern Minnesota did break out into the humid air as frequently as during any southern month. The average September temperature ended up being 61.8 degrees, 3.2 degrees above average. Although the temperature wasn't quite as warm as during the summer months, it was the most degrees above average for any month in 2019.

St. Cloud broke a streak of 25 days with a high less than 80 degrees, by hitting the mark on September 15. There was then a streak of 7 straight days with a high of at least 80 degrees, the longest such streak since the first week of August. The high of 86 degrees on September 16 was the warmest temperature since August 4. And, a late month break out into the sticky on the 30th produced Florida-like dew points in the lower 70's. Heat indices climbed to the low to middle 90's for the first time since July.

The slow spring thaw and the lack of sunshine have made a later than average frost badly needed for a complete growing season. The average date for St. Cloud's first frost is September 26. The area would likely need a frost among the latest on record to salvage another 10-15 growing days in October. So far, most of central and southern Minnesota have escaped a below freezing temperature, but there are threats for such a cold night on at least a couple of nights in early October.

September St. Cloud Records

    September 2019 Statistics

Temperatures (°F)
September 2019
Average High Temperature (°F)
Average Low Temperature (°F)
Mean Temperature for September (°F)
Temperature Thresholds
Number of Days
September 2019 Days with High Temperature of At Least 90°F
2019 Total Days with High Temperature of At Least 90°F
September 2019 Days with Low Temperature of 32°F or lower
September Temperature Extremes
Warmest High Temperature for September 2019 (°F)
September 16
Coldest High Temperature for September 2019 (°F)
September 29
Warmest Low Temperature for September 2019 (°F)
September 17
Coldest Low Temperature for September 2019 (°F)
September 28
Record Temperatures in September 2019
Old Record
No record temperatures set
September St. Cloud Records
Precipitation (in)
This Year
September 2019 Precipitation (in)
Saint Cloud's Ten Rainiest/Driest Septembers
2019 Growing Season (April 1- September 30) Rainfall (in)
30.83 (+10.58 from average)
2019 Total Precipitation (in) (January 1 - September 30) 3rd highest
34.89 (+11.85 from average)
Precipitation Thresholds
Number of Days
September 2019 Days with Measurable (>= 0.01 inch) Precipitation
September 2019 Days with >= 0.10 inch Precipitation
September 2019 Days with >= 0.25 inch Precipitation
September 2019 Days with >= 0.50 inch Precipitation
September 2019 Days with >= 1.00 inch Precipitation
September Precipitation Extremes
Precipitation (in)
Most Daily Precipitation in September 2019
1.99 inch
September 12
Record Precipitation in September 2019
Precipitation (in)
Old Record
No records set


September St. Cloud Records


St. Cloud January Through September Precipitation

(average: 23.04 inches)

Rank Precipitation (in) Year
1 38.44 1897
2 35.72 1965
3 34.89 2019
4 33.61 1986
5 33.43 2014
6 32.15 1905
7 32.11 1903
8 31.31 2002
9 31.13 1985
10 30.98 1990


Historic temperature data provided courtesy of the Saint Cloud National Weather Service Office, and NOAA/NWS
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