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Husky Interest Assessment

Undecided on a major? Take the Husky Interest Assessment below by selecting common activities that are of interest to you and then review from a list of potential majors to choose from.

Step 1: Select Activities of Interest

Check the box next to each activity that is of interest to you.

  • The scores shown were calculated based on your answers.
  • Click the "Show Description" link next to each category to learn more.
  Realistic "The Do-ers" Show Description
  • Prefer to work with objects and things.
  • Enjoy being physically active, repairing equipment, rebuilding cars, fixing electrical things, solving mechanical problems, playing sports, and working outdoors.
  • Enjoy creating things with their hands and using tools and machines.
  • May enjoy working with large, powerful machines like tractors. Prefer precision machinery such as X-ray or electronic equipment.
  Investigative "The Thinkers" Show Description
  • Have a strong desire to understand cause and effect and solve puzzles and problems.
  • Often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. Their work often involves the analysis of data, using formulas, graphs and numbers.
  • Enjoy using computers, solving math problems, interpreting formulas, and thinking abstractly.
  • Prefer to work independently with minimum supervision.
  Artistic "The Creators" Show Description
  • Prefer to be expressive and like the opportunity to create new things and be innovative.
  • Typically do not like structure or conformity.
  • Prefer to use their imagination and be creative.
  • Enjoy activities such as: writing, poetry, photography, designing, singing, acting, dancing, painting, attending theaters and exhibits, and reading.
  Social "The Helpers" Show Description
  • Prefer to work with others with the team approach to problem solving.
  • Enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups.
  • Highly verbal, express themselves well, and get along well in groups.
  • Describe themselves as cooperative, friendly, and understanding.
  Enterprising "The Persuaders" Show Description
  • Enjoy selling and promoting, having power and status, giving talks and speeches, and leading groups.
  • Enjoy influencing others and being in a leadership position.
  • Often use their skills to influence others.
  • Often enjoy discussing politics and competitive activities. Self-confident, talkative and energetic.
  Conventional "The Organizers" Show Description
  • Prefer orderly, systematic work such as keeping records, and organizing written and numerical materials according to a plan.
  • Like to see things run efficiently and smoothly.
  • Pay attention to administrative details.
  • Enjoy working with numbers, using a computer, keeping accurate records, and organizing.

Step 2: Select Your Top 2 or 3 Holland Categories

  • Select the categories that you scored highest on in Step 1.
  • A list of matching majors will be shown below in Step 3.
  • Select all categories to see all majors.

Step 3: Review Matching Majors

  • Click on a major listed below for more details or click here to learn more about our programs.
  • Remember, these results are just a starting line. You will need to learn more to find your major!
  • Don't stop with your suggested majors/Holland Categories! Other majors/Holland Categories may catch your attention. Go for it! If it looks good, explore it.

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