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Preparing for Your Career in Graduate School

These suggestions will help you create a job search plan that will enhance your success on the job market.

The search varies widely across disciplines.

Make Yourself Marketable

Clarify Your Desire

Research the Job Search Timeline

Assess Your Readiness

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Create a Support Network

Prepare Your Application Materials

Job Timeline

Prepare for Interviews

Get Ready for Negotiations

Start Your New Job

Working the Room -- A Graduate Student's Resource

At various points during graduate school and the job search process, you will be expected to mingle informally with colleagues and potential employers.

This happens at networking socials, conferences, departmental lectures, career fairs, campus visits, and other events. We recommend you attend as many receptions and networking events as possible so you can practice working a room before it really counts.

But before attending any networking event, get organized and do your research.

  • Try to find out who will be there and then try to find information about the other guests.
  • Prepare and practice a 10-second introduction of yourself and prepare to talk about your research or work.
  • Skim the news before each event so you can talk intelligently about current events.

If you make a mistake, don’t get rattled. Laugh it off. Learn from the situation.

Our tips:


Write Your Personal Introduction


Food and Drink

Nametags and Business Cards

What to Bring


After the Event


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