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Career Center

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Career Center

Our dedicated staff helps students and alumni with their career planning needs.

We work with students to clarify academic major and career aspirations, identify internship and employment opportunities and offer advising and support at every stage of career development.

Our office assists faculty and our campus partners by providing resources and services as they provide career information to students.

Our success is reflected in the community partners and many employers that hire our students and alumni.

Explore - Prepare - Launch

  • COLL 111 Career Planning

    This two-credit course guides you through self-assessment, career research, decision-making and career preparation.
  • Walk-In Wednesdays

    Wednesday, May 31st from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. meet with an employer representative from ProcessPro for resume critique or career advice. No appointment needed.
  • Putting it to work

    When you're ready, we help you launch your career by finding the right employer.