Atwood Memorial Center

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Facilities that are scheduled by and coordinated through the Conferencing and Scheduling Office at Atwood are Atwood Memorial Center, Ritsche Auditorium and lobby and Atwood Mall areas.


Room Requests

Current Students, Faculty and Staff

For bookings during building hours, use EMS. On EMS you can view the current schedule, browse for an open space and make reservations using your Star ID and password.

Request for Space on EMS
For booking requests outside building hours, use the form below.

Outside of Building Hours

On days/hours that the building is closed, there is a charge of $80 per hour.

Outside Groups (For-Profit, Non-Profit, and Government Agencies)

Make a reservation request, check our rental rates, or browse for a space in Atwood Memorial Center to find one that fits your needs!

Contact Dana Randt at (320) 308-2075 or  

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